Raised in Northern Canada, Debra grew up acting and practicing martial arts. An avid competitor, she traveled for tournaments, developing a taste for global exploration. Upon completing her degree in Theater at the University of British Columbia, she began traveling and working in Japan, the United Kingdom, and France, finally settling in Toronto, Canada. Debra has recently stepped into the world of film where she was cast as the lead in the short film “The Holdout” directed by Javier Nunez and written by Brad Rochefort. A very physical person, Debra enjoys sparring and stage fighting. She has taught martial arts in Europe and Asia and has trained with Helen Bailey, who has performed in such films as Prometheus and the Avengers. In addition to acting and voice work, she has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability and is currently completing her Masters degree at the University of Toronto. She is also a mother of two and an advocate for social justice.  

Debra has a sophistication and confidence that is equal parts powerful and genuine. She commands your attention in every shot that she’s in.
— Ali Greene, Producer