Voice Work

Debra started her career in voice work in Tokyo, Japan where she collaborated on projects across a wide variety of industries including education, medical technology, heavy machinery and video games. Returning to her native Canada, she began working for Corus Entertainment in British Columbia, where she was a regular commercial voice over artist for the Corus TV Listing Channel. She currently hosts The Women’s Hour on Radio Regent in Toronto where she blends her voice talents with a theatrical knack for storytelling. Her innate empathy and desire for the truth assist women in telling their stories about overcoming hurdles to personal empowerment.

Debra has a voice like butter and can put even the most nervous guest at ease. She is a gem of a human being who’s heart and many talents I will treasure for years to come.
— Rachael Abah, Director, Kouraba World Music

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17 June 2017

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